Available Services

Water, Sewer and Trash

       Water: $100 non-refundable hookup fee, $20.75 base charge, $8.65 for each 1,000 gallons (or fraction thereof) of usage.

Sewer:No deposit, $27 per month

    Residential Trash as of November 1, 2022:
$21.00 Per Household. Trash is picked up every Wednesday. Please have your trash street-side before 6:30 AM of pick up day.​           

Commercial Trash Service:
Trash service for commercial accounts is not provided by the City. Please contact your own provider. Contact City Hall for a list of these providers.

Administration Fee: $.025 per household

Payment & Billing Options

Online * Credit/Debit Card * Auto Debit 

 * Emailed * Mailed *

For more information, please contact City Hall.

​Dog Registration:
Per Ordinance, the city limits the number of dogs at one residence to three (3).
All dogs are to be registered Annually with the City.
Registration is due by April 1st each year.

Cost for tags are as follows:
                                                                             $10.00/each dog or $15.00 if registered after April 1st.                                                                           
A copy of current rabies vaccination is required.

Other Animals:
The City of Westmoreland does not allow any un-domesticated animals within the city limits, this includes roosters, horses, mules, donkeys, etc.

Industrial Park and Economic Development:
The City of Westmoreland encourages business development in and around Westmoreland.  The city's Industrial Park is located south of downtown.  Please contact City Hall for more information about business development in the industrial park area.